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Rabu, 24 Agustus 2016

Resurrection Remix v5.6.7 Marshmallow for Tecno J7

Resurrection Remix v5.6.7 Marshmallow for Tecno J7 - is the information you are looking for in search engines like google and others, okay we have provided such information in the blog Techno News, we have around collecting information from various reliable sources and presenting it in this blog, well please read Resurrection Remix v5.6.7 Marshmallow for Tecno J7 to finish:

Articles : Resurrection Remix v5.6.7 Marshmallow for Tecno J7
full Link : Resurrection Remix v5.6.7 Marshmallow for Tecno J7

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Resurrection Remix v5.6.7 Marshmallow for Tecno J7

Resurrection Remix Os is a custom ROM that allows you run the latest Android Os on your Android device.
Resurrection Remix v5.6.7 Marshmallow for Tecno J7 is finally out and it allows you to run latest Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 for your Tecno J7.


- Add 5 RR 1 PB header logo - Update taskmanager switch button
- Add Heads-up button in the extended statusbar
- SystemUI: Fix Dual Tiles Qs Color Switch Text
- Revert Restart System UI on theme Change and NP color switch
- Heads Up Snooze
- Fix low battery warning level
- 2 more SB Custom logos
- HeadsUp: add timeout option
- Reverted clock second (Avoid to FUCKING lag issues)
- Fix Applying Notification Colors To Light StatusBar Background
- Tune up dexopt dialog
- Settings: Make Most RR settings Searchable
- DevelopmentSettings: Synchronize USB connection data state
- Lockscreen : Fix bottom area visibility
- media: Add flags, channelMask, and UID to audio session callbacks
- audio: Don't play sound effects if stream is muted
- SystemUI: show visualizer in shade-locked view - Bugfixes for systemUI
- Fix location tile not showing in the keyguard
- NetworkManagement: Add ability to restrict app WiFi background data access - SystemUI: ensure volume record exists before showing notification
- MountService: ensure VolumeRecord with UUID exists before modifying
- Implement left swipe on lockscreen
- Framework changes for resetting data usage statistics - LLS: Use window attachment callbacks
- SysUI: Add event logs for live lock screen interactions - Fix battery stats helper derp - Update ambientsdk version 1.5.2
- Add Weather Content Provider - Add state member to WeatherLocation class
- Reset timer when a new weather service provider is selected
- Force Heads up in all applications
- Add system property to control config_enableAutoPowerModes
- SysUI/LLS: Slide panel out when collapse called
- QS:Re Add LS Tile and Addapt to AOSP panel
- translation imports.

How To Install Resurrection Remix Marshmallow For Tecno J7

1. Download Resurrection Remix MM for Tecno J7 from the link below and move it to the root folder of your SD card

2. Now, switch-off your phone completely and boot to recovery mode by press holding at same time Volume Up + Power Button for 5sec.

3. Now in recovery mode, do the following:
Navigate to "Wipe and format options"
Wipe/ Format
Wipe Cache
Wipe Dalvik/Artz
Now go back and click on "Mount Storage" and format system.

4. After wiping everything, do the following to install Resurrection Remix v5.6.7 for your Tecno J7:
Navigate to "Install Zip"
Choose zip file from /storge/ sdcard1
Now, locate downloaded the ROM file to install
Select "Yes"
Wait until the rom has finished installing
Now reboot and enjoy the Resurrection Remix Marshmallow Custom ROM for Tecno J7

Download Link

Resurrection Remix v5.6.7 MM for Tecno J7MIRROR

Use the mirror link If you have problem downloading the ROM.

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If you experience any problem while flashing, notify using the comment box.

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