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Senin, 01 Februari 2016


Undertale - is the information you are looking for in search engines like google and others, okay we have provided such information in the blog Techno News, we have around collecting information from various reliable sources and presenting it in this blog, well please read Undertale to finish:

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Okay, since I love this game so much, I decided that I'll make a post about it. I'd like to make this clear, though:


If you don't want the game to be spoiled, than don't read ahead.

Story (Pacifist)

Since I haven't played Genocide, I will tell the Pacifist story.

Flowey the Flower's Evil Expression
The game begins with the player falling down a hole on Mt. Ebott in 201X. You walk through the doorway next to you and meet Flowey the Flower, who tells you to collect the "friendliness pellets" which he shoots at you in the battle screen. After you hit one, his expression changes from happy to evil, then tells you that in the Underground it's "kill or be killed". 
Flowey then tries to kill the player, but someone chases him away before he can. This person is Toriel. She is basically the tutorial of the game, she leads you into the RUINS, where she solves puzzles for the player. About halfway into the RUINS, she leaves the player to run an errand. The player will go through the RUINS by themselves until they reach Toriel's house. In her house, you ask her how to get home. She quickly tries to seal the barrier from the RUINS to the rest of the Underground, but the player shows her that they can survive. She lets them go, and the player is freed into the underground. At this point, you are walking through a snowy forest and a shadowy figure is chasing you. When you reach a fence, the figure reveals himself as Sans the Skeleton. He leads you to his post, where he tells you to hide from his brother, who hunts humans for a job. After he leaves, you continue through the forest, and solving puzzles. You also now know Sans' brother's name, Papyrus. You continue solving puzzles, and you end up in a town called Snowdin. At this point you can buy healing items, but you can just walk through the town. On the outskirts, you battle Papyrus. If you lose to him he captures you and puts you in his basement. If you win, you go to his house and hang out with him. Doing this means you befriend Papyrus and Sans. After this you walk into the next area, Waterfall. There isn't much in the beginning, but as you go farther in, you meet the head of the Royal Guard, Undyne. She will try to kill you about four times, before she throws you off of a bridge. When you fall to the bottom, you end up in the Dump. Here, you fight the Mad Dummy. After you defeat him, you get to the second half of Waterfall. Here, you can buy more healing items from Gerson, who tells you about Temmie Village. The village is hidden South of Waterfall. If you go there, you can sell items for high amounts of money. After you get through some mazes, you reach the Undyne Arena. Here, you fight Undyne. When you win, you will end up in Hotland. You now backtrack to Undyne's House and befriend her. When you go back to Hotland, there is a lab, owned by the Royal Scientist, Alphys. You also meet her robot, Mettaton. Alphys helps you solve puzzles in Hotland, and in between puzzles you play Mettaton's Minigames. After a while, you get to Muffet's home. Here you fight Muffet, and when you defeat here nothing really happens. She was just a Kickstarter reward. After Muffet's fight, you reach the MTT Resort. You can buy more healing items before you get to the core. The core is the final obstacle before the ending of the game. In the core, Alphys helps you solve more puzzles, and you also fight some special enemies. These enemies include; Knight Knight, Madjick, Final Froggit, Whimsalot, and more. After you reach the end, you fight Mettaton. After you beat Mettaton, you go to the King's Castle. In the King's Castle, the enemies will tell you the backstory of the game. After you get to the final room, you fight Asgore, the King. When you defeat him, Flowey will come and kill him. Here you fight Omega Flowey. He is one of the hardest bosses in the game. After you beat him, you get the Neutral Credits. Now, you have to load the last Save file, and backtrack to Alphy's Lab, where you get into the True Lab. I'm not going to go into too much detail about this section, but you see Alphy's failed experiments, and trust me they're really gross. I also uploaded a video to my YouTube channel showing the last 42 minutes of the game, which I will show right now:

This is one of my favorite games as of right now, and it is seriously worth the $10.

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