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Minggu, 15 Februari 2015

Zenfone - My Ideal Valentine!

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Zenfone - My Ideal Valentine!

Yesterday was Valentine's day! Many of my friends badgered me to tell them who my valentine was. They suspected every hapless friend and colleague of mine, but they could not find out the identity of my valentine! Fortunately, you, my readers, will find out about my ideal valentine today! Watch this teaser video (the #UnconditionalLove advert) before I reveal the name of the special someone:-

After the short video clip, you all must have guessed who my perfect valentine is - Asus Zenfone! And this decision is not just my heart's but also my brain's. I have five reasons for choosing the Asus Zenfone to be my valentine:-

1. I can click endless selfies (thanks to the front camera) and pictures of beautiful landscapes (with the high definition thirteen megapixel rear camera) no matter where on earth I am. I am a travel blogger and I jet off to a new place almost every month. With my endless urge to record every memory in photos, I can't rely on random guys for the perfect shot. This is why I need the Zenfone to accompany me on my trips. This glamorous companion also pays attention to detail! Its five-element optical formula lens has larger photoreceptors to capture more light and enhance the intricate details of your face or object of attention.

2. This phone can multitask! The hyperthreading feature ensures that four threads can run simultaneously. What this means for me is that I can listen to music while I download a movie and upload the latest pic of my lavish meal on Instagram! And I can perhaps have my running app tracking my run too! A regular date cannot even do one thing at a time! Most guys look flummoxed when you ask them to take a video while they eat.

3. I can play and watch movies to my heart's content! The powerful Intel Atom processor delivers a power-packed gaming experience with mind blowing graphics. I'll never have to watch boring sports matches when I can watch a lovely romantic movie or an entertaining video in peace.

4. It will last longer! Unlike the average man who tires easily, the Asus Zenfone will stay charged for long hours. The phone is very power efficient, and despite my compulsive talking and taking pictures, it will not desert me.

5. Good looks! The Zenfone is the most elegant partner and arm candy these days. Who needs a constantly nagging and complaining guy when you can have a classy and sleek phone for your consort at the Valentine's day party!

I have already expressed my desire of dating the Zenfone. I hope it will be mine someday. Who was your valentine this year? Don't forget to share the details of your date with me! For the singletons, who would you like for a valentine? Let me hear your stories!

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