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Kamis, 12 Februari 2015

Tracfone Deals, Discounts and Sales for February 2015

Tracfone Deals, Discounts and Sales for February 2015 - is the information you are looking for in search engines like google and others, okay we have provided such information in the blog Techno News, we have around collecting information from various reliable sources and presenting it in this blog, well please read Tracfone Deals, Discounts and Sales for February 2015 to finish:

Articles : Tracfone Deals, Discounts and Sales for February 2015
full Link : Tracfone Deals, Discounts and Sales for February 2015

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Tracfone Deals, Discounts and Sales for February 2015

Best Sales and Deals on Tracfone Devices

Great deals on Tracfone Cell Phones and Minutes collected from around the web. We monitor the prices for many different Tracfone Devices and share our top finds here. We hope you enjoy!

sales on tracfone
List of Tracfone Sales and Deals
These are some top discounts on Tracfone items from a variety of sources. While Tracfone does sell phones directly through their website, the phones can often be found for less through other retailers.

But there is a real challenging trying to keep up with which phones are a good deal, and what you should pass on. So we are here to help with our list of 5 of the latest deals on Tracfone devices for February 2015.

Read through this list below and see if any of the deals are just too good to pass up.

If you're still learning about Tracfone, jump over to our /2014/12/new-to-tracfone-start-here-tracfone.html">Beginners Guide to Tracfone which will share a lot of the basics on how Tracfone works, and the different phone options available.

For those who are shopping for a new phone, narrow your search by reading up on the reviews at our /p/cell-phone-reviews.html">Cell Phone Reviews page. Or if you know you want an Android, then see each phone compared side by side on our /2014/07/tracfone-android-list.html">Android Tracfone List.

These deals are the best we've found, but if you see something better, let us know in the comments so we can add it!

Top 5 Latest Deals and Discounts on Tracfone

1. Tracfone Moto E with 1200 Minutes for $99
The Moto E comes with Android 4.4 and is one of the better smartphones currently available with Tracfone. It has a 4.3" touchscreen, dual-core processor, and great battery life. It doesn't have a front facing camera, but does have a 5mp rear camera. View the full specs on our /2014/10/tracfone-moto-e-xt830c.html">Moto E page.

With this deal you get the phone, plus a 400 minute/ 1 year of service card. The card itself usually retails for $100, making the phone basically free. The Moto E often retails for around $90.

2. LG 306G or 305C for $10
list of tracfone deals
LG 306G on Amazon
The LG 306G and 305C are feature phones with 3.5" touchscreens. They run a java based operating system which allows the use of some apps, but doesn't use a standard operating system like Android.

They have a single 'pool' for minutes, unlike the separated talk/text/data on Android phones. You also get Triple Minutes for Life. The LG 306G is for use with GSM networks, while the 305C is for CDMA. Basically if you currently use a phone with 'G' at the end, go with the 306G, and if you use a phone with 'C' then use the 305C.

Learn more about these phones by reading our /2014/04/lg-306g-tracfone-review.html"> LG 306G review and /2014/09/lg-305c-tracfone-review.html">LG 305C review.

At only $10 these phones are great for those who aren't interested in the added functionality of an Android smartphone, or as a first phone.

3. LG 306G with 600 Minutes for $35
If you are looking at buying the LG 306G, and you could use some additional minutes, this is a great deal. The 200 minute card you get with this bundle is usually $40 in stores, but you get it for just $35 (plus shipping). You also get the LG 306G for free.

4. LG Ultimate 2 with 1200 Minutes for $129
We recently picked the LG Ultimate 2 as the best Tracfone device currently available (read the post, What is the Best Tracfone Device? to see why). It comes with a 4.5" touchscreen, Android 4.4 and over 4GB of internal memory. Plus you get both a front and rear facing camera, and plenty of other features.

Read more about this phone on our /2014/10/lg-ultimate-2-l41c-tracfone.html">LG Ultimate 2 Review.

This phone typically retails for $100 or more, but this deal gives you a 400 minute card, worth $100, plus the phone for an extra $30.

If you can use the minutes, and like this phone, then this is a great deal for you.

5. 200 Minutes for $32 and $15 off 400 Minute/1 Year
Tracfone minutes sale
Tracfone 200 Minute Card
Minute cards, which are used to add extra airtime to your phone, as well as extend the service days, don't often go on sale. But these two deals provide a nice little discount on the normal price.

The 200 minute card usually retails for $40 in stores and on the Tracfone website. But you can get it for a little less through this sale.

The 400 Minute/1 Year of service card goes for $100 in stores and online, but if you enter promo code 84299 on the Tracfone website at checkout, you get $15 off.

If you're looking for more information on Tracfone Minutes, take a look at our /2014/08/how-do-minutes-work-on-tracfone-android.html">Guide to How Minutes Work with Android Phones and also check out the /p/overview-of-tracfone.html">About Tracfone page.

We recently compiled a list of the /2014/12/best-apps-for-tracfone-android-users.html">Best Apps to use with Android Smartphones. Browse through the list and see the top picks. Best of all, most apps are free!

Don't forget about the /p/tracfone-byop-phone-list.html">Tracfone BYOP program, which allows you to bring your own phone to use with Tracfone. Many users have been reporting great success with this program, including using phones like the /2014/11/use-moto-g-with-tracfone-byop.html">Moto G with Tracfone.

Thanks for visiting, and be sure to pass the deals along to your friends and family. Leave a comment if you find more great deals!

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