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Rabu, 31 Desember 2014

My Resolution for 2015

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My Resolution for 2015

So, it's the last day of 2014 and I just remembered I still haven't told you all my resolution for the new year. I have decided that in 2015, I will reignite my passion for travel and put a new life into my travel articles.

This year I wrote on and off. I did go to a lot of places, but I was either too lazy or too tired or just did not have the time to write about my trips. I have planned to block some hours every week in my schedule to fit in exciting travel posts on my travel blog. I want to bring back my passion of travel writing and also do it on the go. I have always wanted to blog while I'm on the train or in a hotel, but I only managed that once this year. I can't blog in transit because I either find the internet too slow or the touchscreen of my cellphone too small and inconvenient.

They say it's easier to keep your resolution if you have a companion nudging you towards your goal. I've screened most of the people I know, and they just don't seem to fit the bill. So, I have turned my attention towards gadgets. And I just may have found my travel companion! :-) Any guesses? Well... here it is:-

The Micromax Canvas Tab P666 with Intel Inside will be the perfect friend on all my solo trips. Thanks to its lightning fast interface, I will no longer have to wait umpteen seconds for every new article-draft to be saved. Afterall, it comes with Android Kitkat 4.4.2!

I like to look stylish for all the pictures that will find their way on my blog. Good thing, the tab has a smooth glass finish and a sleek design. Talking about pictures, I almost forgot how I love to capture all my travel-memories in pictures! The 5MP rear camera will work just fine and the 2MP front camera will get me awesome travel-selfies! And, while I take pictures, I shall also like to record a couple of videos for my new video blog on Youtube. The Canvas Tab's 1080p HD video playback and recording is just what I will need!

Every story I experience must be written. Next year, I will make sure I blog instantly to capture every moment in as much detail as I can. Writing about past trips hogs a lot of brain power and I fail to remember vital facts at times. This tablet's 3G connectivity will make sure I'm always ready to blog!

Finally, my resolution can only sustain if I have the energy to travel, write, and repeat! With my 24*7 commuting schedules, I will really need a co-traveller that can last long. Micromax Canvas Tab P666 has 4400mAh battery, 6h browsing time, 15 hours of talktime and 325 hours of standby time. Need I say more? Let's all hope I'm able to keep this resolution in 2015!

Happy New Year to all!!! :-) Keep reading and stay happy!

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