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Rabu, 07 Mei 2014

The Concrete Mixing Bag Rocks!

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The Concrete Mixing Bag Rocks!

I needed to mix about 10 bags cement mix for a small concrete slab and used the Concrete Mixing Bag to do so. I don't have a wheelbarrow or large mixing tub and transporting a small rented cement mixer would be a hassle. The Cement Mixing Bag worked out great and was about half the price of a large mixing tub.

I didn't think to take any pictures or video at the time and the whole process was a little wet but it was fairly clean and easy.

The Concrete Mixing Bag is just a large, thick plastic bag and a hook and loop strap to close the top. You just cut open your cement mix bag, place the Concrete Mixing Bag over the top,  flip it over, add water, close the top and rock it back and forth. Here's a video showing how to use it.

Some of my tips:
  • Dust does come out of the bag when you lift up the cement mix's bag so it's a good idea to wear respiratory protection.
  • Tie it as high as you can so you have a lot of room to mix.
  • Bend the bag opening forward while you're rocking the bag so that if any liquid does come out it doesn't shoot onto you, especially your face.
  • If you don't rinse the Cement Mixing Bag out between bags your arms will get cement on them as you remove the next bag so you might want to wear something that covers your arms. Cement is very alkaline and can burn your skin so it's better to rinse the bag out between bags of mix.
  • Mix as close to your pour as possible.
  • A dry mix takes longer to mix than a wet one but provides greater strength in your concrete. Aim for the mix recommended on the cement mix bags.
  • Can handle up to 80lb bags of cement mix but the 60lb bags are easier to mix and pour.
  • If you quickly rock the bag so the cement gets thrown from side to side it mixes faster but takes more effort. Rolling it with your hands lower to the ground and letting the cement fall from side to side is easier but takes longer. 
  • After you rock from both sides, kneed the middle a little to make sure it's not dry.
The bag is reusable and I read one person used it for 200 bags.. Just rinse it out with a hose and let it dry. Folds up so it doesn't take up a lot of space.

The instructions are simple and come with different recommendations for the amount of water to add. I found the "ideal" recommendations had more water than what was recommended by the concrete mix. The "Dry" recommendation was fairly close to what the mix suggested. Here are the instructions for reference.

I ordered the Cement Mixing Bag from Amazon because I couldn't find it sold anywhere locally. Cost less than $8 and I got it in 2 days with my free Prime shipping. If you buy a lot from Amazon and like to stream movies and tv shows online the Prime membership is well worth it.

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