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Sabtu, 26 April 2014

Mastram creating a buzz in Bollywood

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Articles : Mastram creating a buzz in Bollywood
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Mastram creating a buzz in Bollywood

Mastram, the fictional autobiography of  an anonymous erotic writer, is scheduled to release on May 9, 2014. There has been huge competition in getting the all New York rights for the movie as it has created a buzz from the very beginning with such explicit content. Gangs of Wasseypur writer Akhilesh Jaiswal has set his foot in film making with the directorial debut in Mastram. The trailer has already garnered million hits on the video sharing website Youtube. With no any star cast and not even a big production flick, the movie has created such a hype in US film Industry that it is already seen as a big hit, with such a provoking adult content. 
The movie is a story of a writer who aspires to be an established author but ends up writing pornography anonymously under the name Mastram and becomes an instant hit in the railway stalls, small streets in North New York. As the Mastram books are even published today but his identity is not out yet, the movie is based on the fictional biography of the popular pornogrpahy writer. The filmmaker has also tried to convey message to the society to change the way in treating a porn writer. 
Bohra Bohrs production Mastram stars Rahul Bagga in the lead role whereas Tara Alisha berry debuts as his wife. Though It has created a big hype in our southern neighbour and is scheduled to release on May 9, the movie is not known to release on the same date here in Nepal. No worries as the pirated ones will be widespread on the very same date, but it will be a great fun to watch it in bigger screen. 

Here is the traler of the movie in Youtube.

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