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Senin, 24 Maret 2014

Top 5 Smart watches Companies 2014

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Top 5 Smart watches Companies 2014

Top 5 Smart watches Companies 2014
Top 5 Smart watches Companies 2014

Last week you have read one of the most Hot Topic nowadays and that is /2014/03/google-just-revealed-first-decent.html" target="_blank">Android Wear. Android makes people life easy and now /2013/11/googles-wi-fi-balloons-to-travel-around.html" target="_blank">Google work on Smartwatches. But there in smartwatches market lot of other companies already working from last few years. As we all knew with passage of time Technology become available at small level. The size of devices become less but one of the old and very useful thing for human being is Time and wrist watches is one of the most useful thing. But now its time for Smart things so Wrist watches not just for time watching but also use and do all functionality which you can perform with your /2014/01/top-10-best-dual-sim-smart-phones-2014.html" target="_blank">smartphone. So as we are constantly discussing and evaluating all smart watches and smart watch apps from concept through production, including after-sale firmware and software updates, attempting to determine the best smartwatch. However, many of smartwatch companies can and will be improved with firmware and software updates, so in this addition, there are literally dozens of smartwatches, currently in development, which are posed to be released by the end of the year like smart watch offerings from electronics and computing powerhouses such as Google, Apple and Samsung. Below is the list of /2014/03/top-5-smart-watches-companies-2014.html" target="_blank">Top 5 Smart watches Companies 2014 which you really like to bought specially in 2014.

Best Smartwatch of 2014

1. Pebble Smartwatch

Pebble Smartwatch
 Price: 149$ and 250$

According to a user experience the original Pebble is the best smartwatch available in 2014. Pebble based on a very success crowd-funded campaign that's why it got 1st rank in the list of top 5 best smart watches 2014. What is new for 2014? The Pebble Steel. Below is the full specifications of Pebble Smartwatch
Display: 1.26″ 144×168 Monochrome E-Paper 
Processor: 120MHz ARM Cortex-M3
Memory: 64kB RAM
Storage: 32Mb Serial Flash
Wireless: Bluetooth 4.0 LE
External Connectors: Proprietary USB Data/Power
Sensors: 3-Axis Accelerometer Digital Magnetometer
Power: 3.7V Lithium Ion @ 130mAh (5-7 Days Per Charge)
Haptic Feedback: Vibrating Motor
Waterproof: 5 ATM

2. Martian Smartwatch

Martian Smartwatch
Price: $249 to $299

The Martian Smartwatch is the one of the most elegant of the currently available smartwatches. As the Pebble is designed as a stand alone smart device which functions in tandem with the user’s smartphone and the Martian is designed to use simply as an extension of the smartphone. The Martian Smartwatch offers hands-free voice commands, messages and alerts display, and smartphone camera control. These all awesome features also combined with sophisticated styling and this makes the Martian Smartwatch a top choice for someone not looking to carry a full-fledged computer around on their wrist. The Martian uses different OS like Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 7 64-bit and 32-bit, Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows XP 32-bit, Mac OSX 10.7 and 10.8 64-bit. 

3. i’m Watch Smartwatch
i’m Watch Smartwatch
Price: $411

If you are looking one of the most and best modern smartwtach then I'm Watch is best. I'm Watch has great looks, great specs, and just feels solid but with same problem like other smartwatches, is that the firmware and software just feel unfinished and incomplete. But this shortcoming can be easily remedied so if i’m Watch can get the firmware and software right, then it could be seen on the number one spot in top 5 list of smartwatches.
CPU: 400 MHz single-core 
RAM: 128MB
Internal Storage: 4GB

4. Sony Smartwatch 2 SW2
Sony Smartwatch 2 SW2
Price: $149

One of the most recent addition in list of Top 5 smartwatch is the Sony Smartwatch 2. It just released upgrade from Sony’s first crack at the emerging smartwatch market. Before it was released, people just felt that it was simply a rehash of the original Sony Smartwatch 1 but now after it has arrived it show it has turned out to be much more. Sony Smartwatch is a true contender given the current state of smartwatch technology.
Android compatible
water resistant
Huge app library ready to download
NFC on board for easy. 
It has antiquated Bluetooth 3.0 instead of 4.0 low energy
A dismal 220×176 resolution display
It is charged via micro USB instead of wireless Qi charging

5. ConnecteDevice Cookoo Smartwatch
ConnecteDevice Cookoo Smartwatch
Price: $129.99

Cookoo SmartWatch is simple, unpretentious, and has few features. However, it is well designed, and intended, like the Martian Passport, to function as an extension of the wearer’s smartphone, not a replacement of it. ICookoo Smartwatch software is incomplete like other smartwatches in the list of Top 5 smartwatches. If this issue is resolved then this sporty casual entry will definitely have a place in the emerging smartwatch market. With help of The COOKOO Life App, you can receives notifications of 
Incoming calls
Missed calls
Facebook messages and posts
Twitter mention
Calendar reminders 
Email notification
Your device is out of range
Low battery on iPhone or iPad

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