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Jumat, 19 Agustus 2016

Adore ($750!) Elite Facial Serum Review

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Adore ($750!) Elite Facial Serum Review

Hi lovelies! Today we are going way off the deep end and taking a look at this $750 serum from Adore Cosmetics. Yes, you read that right. Seven hundred and fifty dollars. For 1.7 ounces of product. I, being the semi-sane person that I am, did not actually buy this crazy expensive little number. I received a sample in a PR box, and I knew immediately that I wanted to share my thoughts (good, bad, and ugly) with all of you. Read on for my full review of the Adore Cosmetics Elite Facial Serum!

I've been testing out the Elite Facial Serum for a couple of weeks now, so please keep that in mind when reading my thoughts. Perhaps someone that uses this serum consistently for two months or two years would have different results.

Let's start off with this product's description and claims. According to Adore's website, this serum uses a breakthrough anti-aging formula called CELLMAX, along with a highly concentrated plant stem cell formula. Fancy. It claims to restore a youthful appearance by protecting your skin's stem cells and encouraging them to regenerate healthy texture. It also features good-for-your-skin ingredients like jojoba seed oil and Vitamin E. Whew. That's a lot of good stuff. But does it actually work? Like...$750 of work?

When I first opened up the serum, I was greeted by a pleasant floral scent. It definitely isn't overpowering, just subtle and refreshing.  The texture is a thin, gel-like consistency. It actually reminds me a lot of gel-based primers like Smashbox Photo Finish. Which is weird, because this is not marketed as a primer at all. I actually decided to test out this theory by applying foundation on top of the serum, and it did go on very smoothly. However, you could get that same soft-focus finish from any number of far cheaper products. So if this little guy wants to earn its steep price tag, it'll have to do better than that.

Since I couldn't find very clear instructions as to when or how often to use it, I decided to treat this serum like any other and apply it nightly before bed. My skin definitely felt quite smooth and soft when I woke up the next day, but no more so than with a good moisturizer or argan oil.

Now I don't want to jinx anything here, but I am only 23 years old with essentially no signs of aging at this point. So this serum is probably not meant to be marketed towards a person like me. I didn't notice any major difference in my skin from using this, however, I didn't really have any issues with wrinkles or dullness in the first place.

Overall, the Adore Elite Facial Serum seems to be a perfectly okay product with a nice smell and consistency. As I mentioned above, it does leave the skin soft and ready for makeup if you choose to apply it in the morning instead. Is it worth $750? Heck no. If you can find it way way way way way way way waaaaaay discounted and you want to try it for its unique ingredients and anti-aging benefits, perhaps it would be worth a shot.

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