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Selasa, 02 Februari 2016

Are you looking to Develop App like Lyft?

Are you looking to Develop App like Lyft? - is the information you are looking for in search engines like google and others, okay we have provided such information in the blog Techno News, we have around collecting information from various reliable sources and presenting it in this blog, well please read Are you looking to Develop App like Lyft? to finish:

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Are you looking to Develop App like Lyft?

Are you looking to Develop App like Lyft?
Lyft mobile application facilitates peer-to-peer ride sharing by connecting passengers who need a ride with drivers who have a car. The central idea behind creating a Lyft like app is to make a feature-rich app customized to match your requirement.

Here are few features for Lyft-like apps
  • Quick Registration allows users to register and start using this app from their iOS devices
  • Fare Estimator
  • GPS tracking
  • Voice activated navigation app
  • Auto payment feature to register cards and automate the payments
  • Google Maps to identify pickup and drop places
  • Select type of cab based on budget, luggage and passengers
  • Tracking feature on real-time basis to check nearest driver available
  • Drivers can accept or reject a request sent to their phones
The app alerts the user about ride confirmation, as well as the driver’s details such as name, car’s number plate, and the driver’s expected route and estimated time to reach the final destination. At the completion of the ride, a receipt is mailed to the customer’s email address followed by a rating of both the customer and the driver by one and another.
When we talk about taxi hailing app, there are typically two sides of application such as User Application and Driver Application. User can send request for the rides from the user application side and the driver will receive the notification to pick users from their location. Drive can either accept or reject the request.
User – Passenger
  • Create a profile with an email address
  • List of last journey or frequently used locations
  • History of rides taken available
  • Payment Gateway
  • Book a Taxi according to travel needs
  • Fare Estimator
  • Check available discounts
  • GPS to track location and search for the nearest available driver
  • Estimated fare given before arrival of driver
  • Check driver’s profile and the taxi coming to you
  • Directly call driver from the app
  • Review/rate the driver
User- Driver
  • Sign in/ Sign up
  • Change status to "Active or Inactive" (Inactive drivers don't appear on the map)
  • Sends alert to driver upon selection by the user
  • Call the passenger directly from the app
  • Check past bookings
User- Admin
  • View driver's profile in the database
  • Check customer's profile in the database
  • Send message each driver and/or customers
  • View total amount of money made daily, weekly and monthly
  • View each driver's ratings/stars
  • Remove drivers and customers from the system
Payment Integration
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • PayPal
If you know nothing about iOS app development, you would probably just hire a mobile development company to do it for you.  Then the price is split into several different slabs based on the functionality:
  • Wireframe, designs and mockups: Develop design mockups with storyboard feature. This can be done at the same time in the form of a clickable mockup. You need to design the iOS app icon according to App Store guidelines.
  • API: Required to facilitate communication between apps and convey messages to call center executives as well as staff who handle the operations.   
  • Cost of developing the iOS app itself.
Remember the success of your taxi hailing app will depend a lot on the expert developers’ specializing in iOS app development.

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