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Selasa, 24 Februari 2015

Volcano Yellowstone Setup v2.8.3 Download

Volcano Yellowstone Setup v2.8.3 Download - is the information you are looking for in search engines like google and others, okay we have provided such information in the blog Techno News, we have around collecting information from various reliable sources and presenting it in this blog, well please read Volcano Yellowstone Setup v2.8.3 Download to finish:

Articles : Volcano Yellowstone Setup v2.8.3 Download
full Link : Volcano Yellowstone Setup v2.8.3 Download

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Volcano Yellowstone Setup v2.8.3 Download

Download free directly the latest Volcano tool box Yellowstone Setup v2.8.3 installer file here at Volcano box is one of the best flasher box for flashing, formatting and unlocking Chinese cell phones. Most of the technicians all over the world prefer and regard it as among the best flashing box with regards to China made handsets. It also support formatting and unlocking of many Samsung models. It has options to detect the CPU manually or by auto-detect mode. It also has the option to select the pinouts manually. This makes it easy, if you already know the pinouts of the particular model. It supports all types of USB and COM cables.

What is Volcano YellowStone and Volcano Module ?

As you guys knows VolcanoBox updates ( Rar Files ) are becoming huge in size. it's getting over 400MB ( in compress format ) and when we extract it. it's goes upto 900Mb. So we split Volcanobox software into two parts. One of them we called Volcano YellowStone and other called Volcano Module. 
Volcano YellowStone have Base Files. means all files which Volcanobox Software needs to run have in Yellow Stone. All Regular updates which we mostly updates are called Volcano Module. so like this you don't have to download huge amount of data every time of update. you just have to have Volcano YellowStone once ( or whenever we update ) Download and save it into your pc and Download just Volcano Module's updates and extract/copy into Volcano YellowStone and over write files that's it. this will save you lot of data to download. Volcano YellowStone is round 320 MB in size and VolcanoBox Modules are just 60~70 MB in size. in every update just download Volcano Module and extract/copy into Volcano YellowStone and you are ready to run. 

In support area Index of ./VolcanoBox/ All previous updates are moved into OLD_UPDATE folder and we make two new folders. one is called Volcano Volcano_YellowStone_(BaseFiles) & other called is Volcano_Module_Regular_Updates. you just have to download ONCE Volcano YellowStone and rest every time have to download updates from Volcano Module. After download make sure you copy/extract Module files into YellowStone folder and overwrite all files. 

volcano box

The following CPUs are supported by volcano box:
  • /2014/10/mtk-android-flash-tool-v-3135201-download.html" style="color: #336699; text-decoration: none;" target="_blank">MediaTek (MTK)
  • /2014/10/all-spreadtrum-android-factory-flasher-download.html" style="color: #336699; text-decoration: none;" target="_blank">Spreadtrum (SPD)
  • MStar
  • W CPU
  • Coolsand
  • Infineon
  • Samsung
  • ZTE
  • Alcatel
  • Sky
And many more CPUs. For some CPUs, only format and unlocking are supported. In Samsung unlocking can be used to remove pattern locks.
Click below to download the latest volcano box firmware software setup

Volcano box Yellowstone Setup v2.8.3 Download  (317.8 MB)

Important note:

Only Volcano Module exe will not able to run. You have to Extract/Copy Volcano Module update files into Volcano YellowStone folder to able to Work fine !!

Volcano box error, update problem solved now this version 2015

Click below to download the latest volcano box software setup

Volcano box update setup exe from here /2014/04/2014-update-all-volcano-box-usb-serial.html" target="_blank">Volcano box update driver Download From Here

To install, you will just need to double click on the setup file and click next during installation. You will also need to give the required drivers after installation.

You can also try the latest 2.9.3 beta version setup. Download link below /2015/02/volcano-tool-box-latest-v293-setup-download.html" style="border: 0px; color: #00a7ed; font-family: inherit; font-size: inherit; font-stretch: inherit; font-style: inherit; font-variant: inherit; font-weight: inherit; line-height: inherit; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; text-decoration: none; vertical-align: baseline;" target="_blank">Volcano Box 2.9.3 Beta Latest Setup 

(Beta version is not always fully functional and may have bugs which require fixes. It is released to the public for testing purpose. So use it at your own risk! If you do not want to take risk, then install the 2.9.3 version setup)

Note: The official website of volcano You can get all information and guides as well as list of official resellers from this website.

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