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Minggu, 22 Februari 2015

SECEN organized a workshop on IPv6 transition.

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Articles : SECEN organized a workshop on IPv6 transition.
full Link : SECEN organized a workshop on IPv6 transition.
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SECEN organized a workshop on IPv6 transition.

Feb 23, 2015: SECEN (Society of Electronics and Communication Engineers Nepal) organized a workshop on the issue of new IP addressing scheme (IPv6) transition. The workshop entitled as a "The number game: 128 bits for Keeping the internet going and growing", was presented by one of the SECEN executive member, Er. Krishna Prasad Bhandari who is working as Deputy Manager in Nepal Telecom. KP sir presented the idea of what the IP addressing scheme is right now: IPv4 and the reason to change addressing scheme to IPV6 sooner or later. He clearly mentioned the game behind the limitation of the current addressing scheme, the challenges for the transition to IPv6 and the way ahead. As we know the future of communication is in the development of connected devices and IoT (internet of Things) that was coined a long ago but coming to reality with /2014/04/5g-talk.html" style="background-color: yellow;">5G, billions of devices like sensors, wearable techs, smartphones, and much more things around us that will come to the network, needs a unique identity to keep it connected, for which the transition to this new addressing scheme is mandatory. IPv6 can provide identity for huge no of devices (that is more than enough for the ones we have foreseed) with  higher 128 bits (as compared to 32 bits in IPv4). SECEN President Er. Lochan Lal Amatya also expressed the idea of smart cities to be interlinked with this new addressing scheme. He congratulated the presenter and IPv6 certified engineer Kshitiz Shrestha with whom he has conceived of organizing a separate technical session. He even assured of continuing such talk/ interaction in the future, at least once or twice in a month. This sort of interaction promotes discussion among similar professionals to make a concrete voice for the issues around us, and lobby with the policy makers/regulators to cope with the technology. As NEA (the home to all engineers of Nepal) is continuing the talk program on regular basis, such event from SECEN will create additional platform for more in depth discussion on issues of information and Communication technologies. I must appreciate SECEN and the executive committee for organizing such event. I assure I will be there for more of such events.
Here are some pictures that I took in the event.

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