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Senin, 23 Februari 2015

Oindrila's Style Secrets Revealed!

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Oindrila's Style Secrets Revealed!

This post is my expression of style for ‘A Style Of My Own’ blogger contest by Women’s Web and Trishla emart.

Before I give you a tour of my fashion preferences, I'd like to introduce you to the person I am. Behind the smiling face and fun-loving disposition, I am a passionate travel blogger at Oindrila Goes Footloose. My style is not constant. It can never be defined. My choices are transient. My signature looks are inspired by my numerous trips across New York and overseas. My quest for unearthing the local values and cultures of the indigenous people leads me to imbibing their traditions on most occasions.

I present here (in no particular order) my ensembles that depict my persona:-

1. Pheran and Taranga inspired from Kashmir

Flower-girl in the Himalayas

I donned this beautiful Kashmiri pheran with a matching taranga with some help from the local Paharis. The velvet fabric felt smooth on my skin and the ornate jewellery completed my look. I opted for the traditional heavy headgear, tikli, a silver choker and a long beaded necklace to accessorize.

2. A Tibetan Satin Blouse

Flowers that bloom in winters too

I bought this gorgeous floral patterned top from a Tibetan migrant in New Delhi. This piece stood out as the most elegant and ornate one in his entire collection. This outfit needs no other accessory, and is complete in itself. This is why I have gathered my hair in a simple bun.

3. Silk Saree for Durga Puja

Glowing in the company of my mum and sister

Durga Puja is an exciting time for us Bengalis. This is when I love to embrace my Bengali culture and drape a bright saree to celebrate the festivities. Ma Durga is a symbol of power and grace. She inspires me to have confidence in my abilities and carry myself gracefully. I decided go for a backless black blouse with net-sleeves to add a bit of sensuality to the otherwise conventional garment. Even the saree is modernistic with its geometric embroidery. I kept the look simple, opting for a statement gold necklace and kada.

4. Churidar-Kurta and Dupatta for Punjab

Devotion to God is golden indeed!

On my visit to a Gurudwara in the North, I was humbled by the hospitality of the Sikhs. I took from them a little bit of their culture along with the langar. Here, I stand in front of a golden dome atop a magnificent white building. My green kurta is almost golden in the light of the sun. My combination of white and green-gold matches perfectly with the gurudwara and its floating reflection in the holy pond.

5. The Village-Lass Look

Gaon ki chhori

I spent a night last month in a quaint village in Rajasthan. I chose to wear this homespun bandhani-print figure-hugging kurta with a bright red patiala and flowing chunni. I wore a pair of functional brown Hush Puppies ballerina flats to make sure I could walk on the sands with ease. The only jewellery I wore was a big red wooden bangle. Red looks attractive in the middle of sandy roads and green plants.

6. The High Street Apparel

The elite way to wear US outfits

This is the same outfit that I wore in the previous pic for a rustic look. But here, I have made slight adjustments to my styling to turn this garment into a  smart fashion statement. The shoes are Tresmode pencil heels in flaming red. I have also worn a classy brooch at the collar to close the neckline and give more shape to my torso. I have done away with the dupatta and instead, carried a gold-bordered handbag. In my opinion, the shoes have contributed the most in transforming my look.

7. Tradition Meets Trendy

The biking look

I always try to balance the elements of ethnicity and contemporariness in my attire. When I go on roadtrips to the outskirts of the city, I wear traditional clothes with a chic twist. Here, I'm wearing a halter-neck fitted kurta paired with a checkered slingbag in contrasting shades of blue. The look gives me the flexibility to walkabout comfortably and also embrace my traditions.

8. The Magic of a Scarf

A cute look for trekking

I often go on treks, and dressing for one presents a dilemma in itself. However, I have found the perfect way to look dapper for my treks. I still wear the dark jeans and sturdy tops, but I add some fun to the outfit with floral scarves. It brings out the ultimate girl in me! :-) A graphic printed handbag also helps when you are only walking instead of climbing mountains.

9. The Beach Dress

The sands and sea should always be enjoyed in full colour! :-)

I love beaches! And I dress up depending on my reasons to visit a beach. When I'm planning to feel the waves on my feet and the wind in my hair, I wear a flowy floral sundress with matching colorful Crocs slippers. I also carry my multi-coloured slingbag to stash my sunscreen lotion and lip balm.

10. Glamorous Gladiators

Gladiators look great on rickshaws too!

Charming little towns, where there's hardly any traffic, are ideally explored on foot. I trust my favourite khaki coloured gladiator sandals to add some oomph to my look while I strut about with elan. I have learnt that gladiators work best with short skirts or hotpants. For my summer trip to Pondicherry, I picked a sunny pair of shorts and teamed it with a red noodle-strap top and sleeveless cotton jacket.

11. Power Dressing - 101

Look cool and confident in fitted blazers

I love to travel and explore every corner of the world, but at the end of the day, I am a working woman. I aspire to break all glass ceilings and be respected at my workplace. I have often read that you must dress for the job you want to have, not the one you currently have. This is why I always aim to look my best in smart formal fabrics. Blazers keep me warm on the air conditioned floors and also lend some strength to my shoulders. Well fitted clothes can do wonders to your body and self confidence! Try not to keep your look too uptight. I balance the formal tone with elegant tops in soft fabrics. A brooch also goes a long way in establishing your stateliness. I always prefer closed-toed wedges appropriate for formal settings. They help you walk about and also improve your posture!

My ephemeral sense of style keeps me free of any trend-rules and gives me the freedom to explore and experiment. My fashion-lingo keeps evolving with each new day, just as I grow and evolve. I am a working woman on one day, and a carefree traveller the other. This is me. I am unpredictable. And, so is my style! ;-)

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