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Kamis, 19 Februari 2015

KMG launches a new TV channel "Kantipur Gold".

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Articles : KMG launches a new TV channel "Kantipur Gold".
full Link : KMG launches a new TV channel "Kantipur Gold".
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KMG launches a new TV channel "Kantipur Gold".

Kantipur Media Group has launched a new TV channel called Kantipur Gold. Marking the 22nd anniversary of the big media house (Falgun 7- Democracy day), they started airing the new channel on a test basis. The new TV channel is known to focus on Entertainment, Sports and Lifestyle. This is the second TV channel of Kantipur, First being launched 13 years ago. Recently Government owned /2014/10/ntv-news-channel-to-be-aired-from.html" style="background-color: yellow;">NTV launched a new TV channel dedicated only to news. Though it is hard to tell the exact no of TV channels in the country, the numbers seems to be in twenties (discarding the local channels from the cable provider itself).
Kantipur Gold TV logo

If you see the current list of TV channels in Nepal, it is mostly dominated by News. Now that Kantipur has started this new Channel focused for entertainment, it is obvious other houses to follow suit, and come as a trend to boost the entertainment business of the country. Similarly, sports being one of the entertainment means, this sort of channel will definitely lift the status of the country in sports. As Kantipur recently got the broadcasting rights of the games of Nepali cricket team (that will be playing the /2015/01/nepal-to-play-div-1.html">World Cricket league in home and away form), I presume this to be aired through this new TV channel, which will bridge the gap in this Sports crazy nation.
Kantipur will also start airing the M&S Video Magazine (previously a M&S Youtube channel) on Kantipur TV, at Friday 10 to 10:30 pm.
After the news came out, I auto-searched the channels in my cable TV (Subisu cable), but could not find it and so I will be calling the operator to request them to put it in their list.

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