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Sabtu, 07 Februari 2015

ATF v11.88 Latest Update Download

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ATF v11.88 Latest Update Download

ATF [Advance Turbo Flasher] Features:

Unique Hardware Features:

ATF Advance Turbo Flasher
480 mbps HIGH-SPEED USB 2.0 Connection ( First In World )
- PC connection is 40 times faster than any other box in the market

100% FPGA based implementation of the flash bus protocols( First In World )
-Significantly faster and more stable than regular MCU based boxes

Adjustable VCCIO Logic Levels (3.30v, 2.80v and 1.80v)
-Compatible with old phone model Logic Level (3.30v)
-Compatible with new phone model Logic Level (2.80v)
-Compatible with future phone model Logic Level (1.80v)

Proper ESD protection on the FLASHBUS port
-Protects phone damage due to Electro Static Discharge

Ultra Fast Flash Clock currently upto 15 Mhz (First In World )
-Firmware updatable to support upto 60 Mhz without the need
of hardware modifications

Internal VPP Flash Voltage Generator (3.0v, 5.0v, 9.0v and 12.0v)
-Makes Flash Erasing on slow phones faster
-Does not require external power adapters to generate 9.0v and 12.0v
-Uses a Fast Switching SEPIC design

Hardware Upgradable using internal Expansion Slots

Micro-SD Card Slot for future developments

Dual RJ-4x Ports (RJ-45 and RJ-48) for External Communication
-The RJ-45 Port is the main "Turbo" Bus
-The RJ-48 Port is the Secondary Bus that can be made
to support parallel or serial protocols such as 2Mbps UART,
JTAG, and Flashing Protocols.

5 Multi Colored LED Indicator Lights
-Rectangular Orange : FBUS_RX
-Rectangular Green : FBUS_TX
-Circular Blue : USB_POWER / ACP-X_POWER
-Circular Green : VBATT
-Circular Orange : VPP

ATF v11.88 USB BOOT Repair update
Release Date: December 21, 2014
Firmware Version Required : 11.0.00
ATF Box USB Driver Required: - Windows 7/8/8.1 (32-bit and 64-bit)
ATF Box USB Driver Required: - Windows XP (32-bit and 64-bit)

What's Cooking?

Lumia WP8/WP8.1 BOOT Repair via USB is now Supported for Retail Lumia Phones:
Lumia 920 (RM-820, RM-821, RM-867)
Lumia 820 (RM-824, RM-825)
Lumia 620 (RM-846)
Lumia 928 (RM-860)
Lumia 1020 (RM-875, RM-876, RM-877)
Lumia 720 (RM-885, RM-887)
Lumia 925 (RM-892, RM-893, RM-910, RM-955)
Lumia 520 (RM-913, RM-914, RM-915, RM-917)
Lumia 625 (RM-941, RM-942, RM-943)
Lumia 1320 (RM-994, RM-995, RM-996)
Lumia 525 (RM-997, RM-998)

The procedure is very simple, just Flash the Phone like you Normally would without clicking any more additional options. ATF will detect your phone's current STATE and will perform the necessary Tasks to Revive it.

Please make sure that YOU MUST USE ONLY the 'Nokia Emergency Connectivity" Drivers because as for now, any other 9008 drivers such as Qualcomm and Zeus (Sony) it not supported for USB BOOT Repair.

You must also click "UPDATE IMPORTANT FILES" so that you will be able to download the MPRG Loaders that will be used for USB BOOT Repair.

More will come after a short Holiday Leave.
If you find problems with ATF 11.88 (Because it was done very quickly)
Then Please do not use it.

Need to 1st time install v11.80

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