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Minggu, 21 Desember 2014

Top 6 Internet Speed Booster Apps For Android

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Top 6 Internet Speed Booster Apps For Android

Many people are dealing with slow Internet connection, watching YouTube videos on slow internet connection can be really frustrating, though there is availability of latest 4G technology, WiFi. No worries, you can boost internet speed on your Android just by installing apps which will boost internet speed.

Top 6 Internet Speed Booster Apps For Android

Use These 5 Apps To Boost Internet Speed

Free Internet Speed Booster lets you to speed up your internet on both mobile network as well as Wi-Fi. The app is available for a free download from Google Play Store and you can experience increase in the internet speed from 40% to 80%. It improves the the Ping latency if you playing multi-player games, stops the unnecessary background apps and more.
If you are on a rooted device then the app is ideal for you. The app will provide you with boosted internet speed of 40% to 70% than before. It changes the configurations of system ROM to increase internet speed. You will have to allow the SuperUser privileges to run the app. Use the app at your own risk.

3. Internet Speed Master
Internet Speed Master app works best on rooted devices to improve internet speed. It is better to take a back up of your device before installing the app, to improve internet speed it adjusts the TCP/IP settings by modifying system file. The app has support for all ROMs.
Network Speed Booster has been downloaded million times by users to boost the internet speed of Android. The app has simple and easy user interface. Once you install the app on your device, simply tap on the “Start” button and relax, Network Speed Booster will provide you with better internet speed. Network Speed Booster disconnects you with present network connection and reconnects providing you with better signal strength.
Faster Internet 2X works both on rooted as well as non-rooted devices and is available for free at Google Play Store. Whether, on 3G or 4G cellular networks, the app provides you with improved internet speed. It uses special programming scripts to double the internet speed on your device. The app displays ads which can be disabled.
Internet Booster & Optimizer is an Android app which can be used on rooted and non-rooted devices. The app works in a simple way, uses a series of commands which gives top priority to the browser on device so that you are able to get more speed from the available internet connection. The app improves internet connection by performing few tasks which includes pausing the secondary apps, cleaning RAM and cache memory, flushing the DNS.
Have you tried to boost internet speed on Android using any of the above mentioned apps? Do comment below! And for more tips and tricks Keep visiting.

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