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Sabtu, 20 Juli 2013

NFDC National Film Award held (with complete list of winners).

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NFDC National Film Award held (with complete list of winners).

First ever National Film Award (NFA) of our Country, was held today in Kathmandu. All the Nepali film artists including actors, directors, producers, technical persons, film journalists were present in a star studded award ceremony, organized by NFDC (National Film Development Corporation) in association with Gopi Krishna Movies, at Army Officers Club. International artists from New York, Russia, Ukraine also made it to the show, among which Bollywood Singer (originally from Nepal) Udit Narayan Jha and Deepa were the main spotlight. The award ceremony was broadcast live in TV filmy and Radio filmy (both owned by Gopi Krishna Entertainment) from 3:30 pm to 9:30 pm Saturday (including the Red Carpet Ceremony). The six hour award ceremony had performances from popular actors (like Sushil Chettry, Gajit Bista, Garima Panta, Priyanka Karki, Nishma Ghimire, Namrata Sapkota, Ashishma Nakarmi and many more) in a medley fashion, but most of them were improvised in a monotonous way (like the tracks for B-boying). Among those dances, Priyanka, Nishma, Gajit, and not forgetting Salsa from Namrata Sapkota were outstanding. Deepak Raj Giri and Deepa Shree also performed a comedy show with the mocking interview of Udit Narayan Jha.

Marking the fifty glorious years of Nepali film industry, the award was given in 15 different categories, named after the various pioneers and artists in the film industry. Superstar Rajesh Hamal started MC-ing the show from the inauguration till three award distribution, and he even managed to tell some jokes made in his own name, popular as "Rajesh dai ko jokes". After Rajesh Hamal, Ayush Rijal and Priyanka Karki jointly hosted the show for the half of the categories whereas later half was hosted by Actors Resh Marhatta and Nisha Adhikari. Being the first such award of its kind, there were many flaws in the event management to keep the prestige of such national level ceremony in front of such International guests and Ambassadors but the show managed somehow to be held successfully so as to uplift Nepali Film Industry in some ways. /2012/05/saayad-nepali-movie-review.html">Sayaad sweeps National Film Award 2069.

Nominated for 8 categories, /2012/05/saayad-nepali-movie-review.html">Sayaad swept away seven awards including Best Director, Best Movie, Best Supporting Actor, Maha Critics Award. Though Samyam Puri was nominated for his performance in the movie Sayaad, he got Maha Critics Award (that was awarded without any nominations).  I myself, am not happy with some of the awards, including Best Actor ( for which I supposed /2012/05/nepali-movie-always-exists-either-on.html">Raj Ballav Koirala or Saugat Malla as winner), Best Supporting Actress (Diya Maskey or Reema BK deseved it) and many others were even left out with no nominations. Wilson Bikram Rai was among the favorites to be a winner,  for which he did for Best Supporting Actor ( /2012/05/saayad-nepali-movie-review.html">Sayaad), and he even mesmerized people with caricature of Nir Shah, Udit Narayan Jha and some Muktas, taking long with his winning speech, which compelled Nisha Adhikari to keep asking for cutting short.
Apart from the statute, all winners were given a cheque worth Rs 51,000 from NFDC and Best Actor & Actress even got hefty Ten Lakh rupees cheque from a housing sponsor and not forgetting a tab from Samsung.

Here is the complete list of winners for NFDC National Film Award 2069.

Chetan Best script: in the name of script writer Chetan Karki.
Suraj Subba Nalbo ( /2012/05/saayad-nepali-movie-review.html">Sayaad).

Pradeep Best Sound Mixing: in the name of pioneer Sound Engineer Pradeep Upadhyaya.
Rajkrishna Shrestha / Sunayamana Shrestha (Phool).

Kusume Rumal Best Commercial Film: in the name of Kusume Rumal: First Rajat Jayanti Celebrated Nepali Movie.
Sayaad. (Sunil Rawal: Producer).

Maha Jury (Critics Award): in the name of the most popular Maha jodi( Madan Krishna and Hari Bansha Comedy Duo).
Samyam Puri ( /2012/05/saayad-nepali-movie-review.html">Sayaad).

Puskar Best Journalism Award: in the name of pioneer Film Journalist Puskar Lal shrestha- who started film journalism from Kamana prakashan.
Bidur Giri.

Bhutani Fight Director: in the name of Late Fight Director/ Actor Gopal Bhutani.
Chandra Pant (Hamesha).

Manju Best Cinematographer. in the name of pioneer Cinematrographer Manju Kumar Shrestha.
Sanjay Lama ( /2012/05/saayad-nepali-movie-review.html">Sayaad).

Udit Best Play Back Singer Award: in the name of Singer Udit Narayan Jha.
Swaroop Raj Acharya for "Pagal Ma Banna Sakchhu" (Rhythm).

Sambhujit Best Musician Award: in the name of Music Director Shambujit Baskota.
Suresh Adhikari (Maya's Bar).

Basanta Best Dance Director. in the name of Dance Director Basanta Shrestha.
Kabiraj Gahatraj (K ma timro sathi banna sakchu).

Nir Best Supporting Actor Male: in the name of Actor/Director Nir Shah. /2012/03/everyone-in-this-industry-wants-to-be.html">Wilson Bikram Rai ( /2012/05/saayad-nepali-movie-review.html">Sayaad).

Basundhara Best Supporting Actor Female. in the name of Comedy Actress Basundhara Bhusal.
Karishma Manandhar (Maya'z Bar).

Shiva Best Actor: in the name of First Actor of Nepal Shiva Shankar and the popular Actor Shiva Shrestha.
Jiwan Luitel (Malati ko Bhatti).

Bhuwan Best Actress. in the name of Bhuwan chand (First Nepali Actress: Aama), and Bhuwan KC.
Nita Dhungana (Notebook).

Hira Best Movie. in the name of Late Hira Singh khatri ( First film Director of Nepal: Aama) /2012/05/saayad-nepali-movie-review.html">Sayaad. (Durgish Films).

Prakash Best Director. in the name of Prakash Thapa (Late film director).
Suraj Subba Nalbo ( /2012/05/saayad-nepali-movie-review.html">Sayaad).

Suraj Subba Nalbo giving speech for winning Best Director for Sayaad. Source: TV Filmy /2013/07/nfdc-national-film-award-to-be-held.html">Please click here for the full nomination list of National Film Award 2069.

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