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Senin, 10 Juni 2013

Is technology moving too fast ?

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Is technology moving too fast ?


This was a very famous debate topic. there was a debate on this at . many people were saying that it is moving too fast. to correct my self, every one said it is moving too fast. 100% of the people (before i posted against it) thought that it is moving too fast and it could harm them. How ridiculous is that. How could technology moving fast, harm any one??

Some of the things they said were :-


Technology is definitely moving too fast! Although technology can be useful and even necessary, what is not necessary is the constant "updating" of technology. I just recently purchased an iPhone 4, and I'm often asked why I don't have an iPhone 5. I question what the difference is between all these gadgets; few updates, some tweaking here and there...It is too much to keep up with, and, quite frankly, annoying."

"Due to the advancements in technology there are more disadvantages rather than advantages . Every thing that is created or developed have its limits .
There should be a margin for everything. We should not oppose the technology but we should have control on ourselves in habituating to the technology. Technology influences our lives very much but it should not become our major element for living."

it should have limits annoys them..these are the kind of things
they feel of the growth of technology.

But i personally feel Technology is moving on a right pace as it should. If the technology was moving too fast, we would know a lot more about light, time travelling etc. But we dont , but i think we should try to learn about things like that. To do so, technology has to move fast. If the technology moves slower than now, then thing would get really fuzzy. I mean, debugging of a software would take a long time which could frustrate people.So, technology is not moving too fast, even if it was, it still wouldn't be that bad.

Share your views on this interesting  topic in the comments below.

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