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Senin, 17 Juni 2013

Can time machines really exist ?

Can time machines really exist ? - is the information you are looking for in search engines like google and others, okay we have provided such information in the blog Techno News, we have around collecting information from various reliable sources and presenting it in this blog, well please read Can time machines really exist ? to finish:

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Can time machines really exist ?


Join my new debate topic at and give your opinion.

Time travel is the ultimate challenge for humans as of now. But is it possible ??

Here is what people think :

"Time travel is possible

Yeah it may sound absurd but in the past too none of our forefathers and grand fathers would have thought of talking to someone sitting miles away with mobile's.So i guess time travelling is possible.
In my opinion it possible by a gadget which have four basic component in it i.E.-fire,air,soil,water and space in it.These are 5 components which are responsible for life on earth and i feel these will really help us to da time travel and to change our fate."

"Time Travel Can Exist

The idea of having time travel has been around for centuries, but was heavily popularized by H.G.Wells' book The Time Machine, published in 1895. While some physicists have believed that the speed of light is the the "universal speed limit", thus making time travel impossible, many modern-day physicists remain open to the idea that time travel can exist.

The current model for a time machine is a device called an Alcubierre Drive. An Alcubierre Drive allows a spacecraft to contract space-time in front of it, and expand space-time behind it, essentially making it a time machine. A recent ABC report states that NASA is currently working on the possibility of an Alcubierre Drive, and some NASA physicists believe that an Alcubierre Drive could indeed exist given superior technology.

In a few hundred years, when technology and our understanding of the universe expands, time travel will become possible."

"If time travel exists then delete my post.

Set two clocks with the exact same time. Now place one on top of a mountain and the other near the bottom. Check the time several years later and there will be a discrepancy. With this basic experiment you can see the elements there to help achieve time travel. Will we ever be able to travel back in time? Well you could use this message board as an experiment.

Let this message be forever preserved until technology to travel back in time has been developed. Then let someone come back and delete this post. So if you are seeing this post traveling back in time will never exist."

The one was interesting wasn't it ? :P

post your views in the comments or at the site.

Thank you

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