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Minggu, 23 Juni 2013

3 Days after using the IOS 7 beta 1

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3 Days after using the IOS 7 beta 1

Hey guys,

                    Yeah so I actually installed the IOS 7 beta 1 on an iPhone 4s and its been 3 days since and I just wanted to share my experience with you and about its features and bugs.

So the IOS 7 beta 1 was infact released on the day of the launch of the IOS 7 . And by far I have to say they've done  a good job .Oh and btw if you guys want to install it just comment below.Yeah so since the time I've turned it on it just screams of class .The new IOS is designed to look better than to give better performance as Apple have already accomplished that.The apps have been completely redesigned and more transparency has been added .The camera has a new look with additional filters and new features .Also the weather app has been completely redesigned and now shows dome cool animations .Also the calendar and game centre apps have been redesigned to give better functionality .

Now coming to the Buggs part the IOS 7 is loaded with them or atleast the Beta 1 . When you turn the Siri language to male and search for something the phone just reboots also the Airdrop and Airpick options are not fully functional. The phone has a very high battery drainage and also heats up very quickly . The lock screen sometime does not respond the first time u try ( like 1% of the time) and sliding to the right is the only possible way to unlock the phone. The phone can sometimes become slow due to the extra animations that have been added .

But overall I was impressed by the look and feel of the IOS 7 . And it Is truly the biggest update to IOS since its inception. The expectations of IOS 7 were not too high and as a matter of fact it was rumored to be even flatter . But on the whole IOS  7 beats all our expectations ans now stands as a pretty good competitor to Android.

The IOS 7 beta 2 Is rumored to release today ,so  comment your thoughts on how improved it can be . I will post about the next update when it comes so till then Goodbye.

P.S if you guys want to know how to get IOS7  on your IPhone do comment.

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