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Senin, 01 April 2013

Our 1st Easter: 2013

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Our 1st Easter: 2013

JoJo and I had a great Easter together yesterday. Our first as a married couple! However, our best easter is still /2011/05/sometimes-being-lied-to-for-weeks-is.html">this one in 2011 when he {at the time my boyfriend} came home and surprised me out of my mind. It was so nice to spend yesterday with him. I so do not miss spending holidays (or any day) apart from each other.

We went to church on Friday to avoid the masses (our church had 8 services and about 8,000 people throughout the weekend). Sunday we slept in and had a nice Easter breakfast; JoJo's favorite: creamed eggs on toast. We went over our new friends' house for a lovely Easter Lunch.

And we also tried to do a photoshoot. This involved a tripod, me with the camera remote, us in our Easter outfits and a whole lot of noneness. *Someone* doesn't really know how to behave for photos...and I love it.

 Somehow taking photos also turned into a horrid dance move showcase. Yup. That sure sounds like us.
 The whole world must come to a standstill when this man needs to apply chapstick.

Half of this attemted photo session was laughing fits. I love us.

Happy Easter! Hope you all had a great one!

"On Friday a thief, On Sunday a King, Laid down in grief but awoke with keys Of Hell on that day. The first born of the slain, The Man Jesus Christ laid death in his grave"- Death in His Grave, John Mark McMillian

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