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Jumat, 01 Maret 2013

Presence of GOLD in Computer RAM

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Presence of GOLD in Computer RAM

Presence of GOLD in Computer RAM

Gold fingers that provide the electro-mechanical connections between female, which include memory modules, to a computer's mother board provides the most value-rich resource of gold in e-scrap computers. Not all edge connectors are gold plated. Most modern printed circuit board manufacturing processes bond a type of tin foil to the board to provide the electronic channels. Older computers and for some telecommunications and military applications may use gold plating rather than tin. The easiest way to identify gold fingers is the color. Gold fingers in fact look like gold, such as the edge connectors in the photo included here, which shows a RAM stick. If the edge connectors look silver then those connectors are not gold fingers.

Content Of GOLD:  When reclaiming the gold from gold fingers, a processor should expect a yield of about 1.0 to 3 grams of gold per pound of Gold connectors. There are approximately 28.35 grams to an ounce so the estimated value of a pound of gold fingers would roughly translate to the market price for an ounce of gold divided by 28.35.

Another alternative for the recycler is to set up a lab and act as a home reclaim the gold. This is a very hazardous and dangerous activity because most methods for reclaiming the gold from circuit boards involve the use of various combinations of acid solutions. The acids are hazardous and the fumes are toxic and corrosive. This activity must be performed in a open area; So be careful before performing experiment in residential area.

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